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          • 全自動pcb分板機該怎么保養
          • 本站編輯:杭州億協智能裝備有限公司發布日期:2021-02-08 17:43 瀏覽次數:








          Fully automatic machine widely used in the electronics industry, PCB points from the led to the mobile phone PCB, can use the feeding machine, curve points machine or pole plate, etc., and points the use of the machine operation requirements to a certain extent, such already can rapidly improve the cutting speed, can avoid the equipment damage caused by the error, and even injuries; In addition, we also need to carry out daily maintenance of the equipment, so that the equipment can work normally and efficiently. So, how to maintain the plate machine?

          1. For daily use, the power must be turned off after the work is finished.

          2. When the automatic PCB board splitter is used, it is necessary to clean and maintain the equipment regularly. The specific operation method is to clean each part with appropriate sprinkling essence and dilute the dust in its vacuuming to ensure its clean use.

          3, automatic PCB splitter milling cutter if abnormal vibration or sound in use, need to stop to check it, when checking, to ensure that the power is off in the state of check.

          4, in cleaning and maintenance, we should pay attention to avoid alcohol dirt and other things falling into the spindle, so as not to affect its normal work.

          5, the maintenance of the slide rod and bearing of the automatic PCB board distributor needs to increase lubricating oil at the appropriate time at ordinary times to maintain, and the loose parts need to be fixed.

          6, if the tool is found damaged to be replaced in time, and then add lubricating oil. Lubricants are used to reduce friction and equipment wear.